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Fish Guys, together with the parent company of zoOceanarium Group, is owned and operated by professional aquarists, marine biologists, aquatic veterinarians and water filtration experts. 


Living Exhibits Manager

Kevin has over 20 years of experience working as a professional aquarist in several public aquariums around the country, including managing Nashville’s Aquarium Restaurant for over 15 years.  When Kevin started with Fish Guys in 2018, he was eager to bring to the company his intricate knowledge of building and maintaining public aquariums.  He enjoys sharing his passion with the company’s clients and loves channeling this passion into a unique aquatic creation that clients can enjoy for years. 



Business Development Manager

Tim, an avid aquarium hobbyist since he was young, decided to turn his hobby into a job 25 years ago and has not looked back since.  Tim has built and maintained professional looking aquariums all over Middle Tennessee.  Specializing in creating realistic and colorful aquariums that appeal to both kids and adults, Tim has built the company up to be one of the largest aquarium servicing company in the South.  Tim’s excitement and practical approach to tackling all projects are a huge asset to the company. 

zoOceanarium Group


zoOceanarium Group specializes in developing and operating a new generation of aquarium and zoological facilities that emphasize excellent animal care and wellbeing and that create unique opportunities for people to appreciate and learn about animals through once-in-a-lifetime-experiences.

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