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Our Services

Fish Guys specializes in setting up and maintaining aquariums in both residences and businesses.  The company has clients with aquariums as small as 20 gallons and as large as 350,000 gallons.  Our Services include designing and building a custom aquarium in your house or business, maintaining established aquariums and refurbishing existing aquariums. 

Design & Build

The professional aquarists at Fish Guys can design and build a custom aquarium that matches your needs.  From a simple 20 gallon freshwater tank to a 1000 gallon wall mounted reef tank or a specialized jellyfish habitat, our team has the experience to make your dream a reality.  The company is bonded and insured to take on projects of nearly any size. 


Whether you’re a hobbyist wanting to bite off a complicated project or you’re a nature enthusiast and simply want to enjoy a beautiful fish tank that requires none of your precious time to maintain, Fish Guys can offer a package that is right for you.

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